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The Five of Cups

This card describes a time of mourning and deep regret. The veiled figure standing at the precipice of a waterfall is experiencing a time of isolation from the emotional betrayal of a loved one, and is lost in the memory of it. Though she looks towars the horizon and a new dawn, it is clouded by her own mind's haunting visions, projecting out from her emotional center. The figure is feeling punished and there is an energy of self-blame and torture. She looks down upon the labyrinth of her life which is filling with the red blood sea, a symbol of pain surrounding the clouded face in the middle. The healing turquoise sea in the distance is the renewal to come. Something is lost but something remains, and the upturned chalice standing on the stone behind the figure is a reminder of this. There is hope and a new life, a new beginning unfolding once the wisdom of this dark period is understood for what it truly is - a step up to new level of the soul.


"Five of Cups"
Oil on canvas, 20 in. x 32 in., 2007.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

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