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The King of Cups

This is a cold and frozen king, one who is adept at keeping a poker face and en even temperament, especially in the midst of any sort of emotional upheaval. The King of Cups is objective and rational with his feelings and passions, for as the King he knows he must remain a figure-head of authority and cold rationale. But we find underneath the cold exterior lurks a deeply passionate and feeling soul, one who loves sincerely, and mourns the loss of love even more intensely. The serpent rolling out of the ice cave represents the dark hidden longing of emotional expression, it weaves through the frozen sea, breaking its way through the emotional boundaries, passing its way between the shadowy depths of memory, unfolding and magnifying the essense. The serpent then becomes part of the very skin of the King, representing the permanent cicatrix of memory and the wisdom attained within. The head of the serpent ends its journey by bursting forth from the heart center of the King, to drink of the blood of life from the sacred chalice he holds. The tear on the King's cheek and the same milky tear dripping from the past, connect to the present. Yet, his clear eye looks towards the future and the smooth new waters ahead. The King will integrate his emotional and spiritual lessons of the past, making him ruler of his inner kingdom.


"King of Cups"
Oil on canvas, 3.6 ft. x 2 ft., 2004.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

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