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He is Odin, the royal King with the all seeing eye of the Northern kingdom.
He is a shamanic king owning great powers of seership with the unseen world. He sees through the overlapping layers of time, and the effects that will last generations. He is the reader of runes, and their many deep-seated meanings that only
a few truly understand. He uses his wisdom by sharp communication, represented by the sword, and his aloof nature which keep problems at an objective standpoint. He is impersonal and stands alone, spending much of his time in isolated study. Therefore when his wisdom is needed he is more present in the moment than most. He is able to see two sides of a coin at the same time. One may trust the King of Swords in all things, ask and he will answer with reason,  truth and discernment.

 "King of Swords"
Oil on canvas, 3.6 ft. x 2 ft., 2015.
An-Magrith Erlandsen


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