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The Knight of Coins

This earthy Knight is on a mystical journey of self realization. Cupped in his palm are mingled earth and pomegranate seeds. His horse companion behind him even gnaws on a pomegranate. This Knight searches for clues in the miniscule details, when in fact signs are all around him. This young man may be too narrow in his view point at first, and so he may miss the bigger picture. But he remains on the right path, a result of his patient perserverance and fortitude. His map-like labyrinth shield points toward the crop circle formation in the field beyond. The mysterious connections are before him as clear as the blue sky. Luck is a friend of this knight for he has many earthly elemental beings protecting him though he does not know it. Still, he owns a thoughtful and forebearing nature and a calm assurance in knowing the wider correlations will eventually be discovered.


"Knight of Coins"
Oil on canvas, 3.6 ft. x 2 ft., 2003.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

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