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The Knight of Wands

He is known as the "Dark Knight", and he is intently focused upon the flame of the glass Wand, which mesmerizes him. He holds a powerful yet fragile element, two opposing forces in one. A slight change in temperature may shift the basic structure of the glass where there is always the risk of a slight crack, an explosion or a meltdown. He holds the same range of temperaments within, reflecting the calcination process of the spiritual growth of the Alchemist. The Dark Knight is a traveller, an explorer ultimately in search of the gold within. Any obstacle to his unique process may bring up the vice of this young man - his temper. He learns through his mistakes, and there is usually much suffering in everyone involved. Patience and understanding is needed in understanding the process of this burning knight's soul. Know that he yearns secretly for peace and purity from the darkness of this world. He searches for answers within the flame of the Wand, which is ultimately fueled by his own creative spark.


"Knight of Wands"
Oil on canvas, 3.6 ft. x 2 ft., 2003.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

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