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The Hermit
A lone and isolated being has glided down its blood worn path out of its hidden dwelling to contemplate upon the grave of its soul. The scarring, embedded jewels and tattooing symbolize levels of initiation, an old soul. Its robe is the blue of the higher spiritual realm, while underneath and trailing behind reveals the history of the earth life, as is symbolized in the color red of activity, passion and growth. The Hermit is an awakened soul, and is in a place of deep realization on a soulular level. The lantern she holds aloft beholds the glowing green light of fecundity and nature. This is a light of truth, and it shines upon the labyrinth revealing the paths for the Hermit to reflect upon. The glacial wall of the Hermit's realm and the icy waters propell one for inner contemplation, the red pomegranate trees bursting through the ice reveal the fertile fruit that lies within. Though isolated from others, one is never alone. The eye of the universe in the black sky reminds us of this great truth.


"The Hermit"
Oil on canvas, 3 ft. x 5.2 ft., 2004.
An-Magrith Erlandsen
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