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oyal Arcana of Tarot of the Pomegranatee
by An-Magrith Erlandsen 

The Royal Arcana or "Court Cards" are made up of four suits equaling sixteen cards altogether.
 The four suits are Wands ie: Clubs, Swords ie: Spades, Cups ie: Hearts, and Disks ie: Diamonds.
The figures of the Royal court are King, Queen, Knight and Page.
In a regular deck of cards Jack replaces the Page, while the Knight has been omitted.
 Each image is oil painted onto a 42 x 24 inch canvas.

King of Wands Queen of Wands Knight of Wands Page of Wands
King of Cups   Queen of Cups   Knight of Cups   Page of Cups
King of Coins   Queen of Coins   Knight of Coins   Page of Coins
King of Swords   Queen of Swords   Knight of Swords   Page of Swords

                      The Red House, 1998.                 "Runes", 2015.                    Blue Dance, 1998.  

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