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  An-Magrith painting the Realm of the Soul's Triptych, 1998.    
"Realm of the Soul"
by A
n-Magrith Erlandsen




Each painting is 4 ft. wide x 6 ft. high. 


For the walls of temples, ritual spaces, theater

and other places of invocation.


Located in Seattle.

Pick up Only.



Paintings listed below are also by the creator of Tarot of the Pomegranate.
 An-Magrith Erlandsen

$100 per 8x10 original oil painting on canvas board.

Describe in PayPal which original painting below you are interested in via title.
(Some paintings may already be sold. Inquire within or have two choices selected in the PayPal message)

The Star Door Seven of Cups Strength The Fool The Empress The Emperor The Chariot Taroccult The Hermit
Anne Boleyn The Hanged Man Temperance The Devil The Tower Azazalien Temple Luciferian Temple Ishtarian Realm The Interface Portal #15
Scapegoat Pink Ballerina The Moon Portal #13 Elizabeth I Hecate Wheel of Fortune Ode to Remedios Varo Protector of the Realms Goldfinch love

"The Great Inheritance"

Oil on canvas, 6 ft. x 4ft.

An-Magrith Erlandsen

Payment plans are available.

Pick up in Seattle on frame only.



.Acrylic on canvas, 2.8 ft x 3.4 ft.

An-Magrith Erlandsen

Payment plans are available.

Delivered US Mail on frame.

$1,500.00 / $175.00 s&h


"Black Trees"

Oil on canvas. 3 ft. x 4ft.

An-Magrith Erlandsen

Payment plans are available.

$1,500.00 / $175.00 s&h

delivered US Mail on frame.





Oil on canvas, 3ft. x 3.6ft.

An-Magrith Erlandsen

Payment plans are available.

$1,500.00 / $175.00 s&h

delivered US Mail on frame.






Contemporary Event Posters

Order a Poster for your Event today!
11x17 600 dpi pdf. file + 4web jpeg. file
(Allow 1-3 days for creation)

Describe via email your poster's information and visual ideas.

Commissoning an Oil Painting

(Portraiture; human, animal. Landscapes. Symbolism. Realism. Fantasy. Science Fiction)

Describe to me your vision and I will bring it to life!
Allow 6-12 months for completion. Oil Painting on canvas/linen prices begin @ $500.
Inquire within about other mediums or illustrative projects.
Click on the portrait below to enter the commissions gallery and begin your journey into immortality.

Art is Forever.. Immortality awaits
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