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BFA Classical Oil Painting, Video & Film Production. Cornish College of the Arts.
AA Visual Communications, Commercial Art, Graphic Design. Art Institute of Seattle.

Creator of Tarot of the Pomegranate, Temple of Tarot, Dark Fusion Theater.
Specializing in Classical Oil Painting, Realistic Portraiture, Surrealistic Visions
Video Art, Video Installation, Music Video, Shooting & Edting,
Graphic Design, Poster Design, Performance Art,
Tarot, Geomancy & Rune Readings.

An-Magrith regularly showcases her video art installations, paintings and performance art
at various spaces in Seattle, the Pacific NW, and beyond.
Follow the Calendar on this website for past, present and future events.

An-Magrith is the video and production artist of the
Seattle-based Design team

"Magi never ceases to amaze with her Dance,

   her Art and her mad skills in Film Making!"


RebelBelly Productions


"I have simply never experienced another Tarot that 
is so capable of transcending ones spirit so easily to another plane"

~ Nicole Pine 

An-Magrith about:
Painting  Classical Fine Art, Realism, Figurative, Illustrative, Projects & Commission.
Videography  Documentation, Video Creation & Installation, Music Video, Editing.
Design  Poster Design, CD & DVD, Books, Digital Art.
Tarot & Rune Reader  Events, Parties, Personal & On-line Counseling, Apprenticeships.
Performance Art Expressionistic Fusion Bellydance, Invocations & Ritual, Events,
Collaboration & Dance Classes.

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"If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, then society must set the artist free
 to follow their vision wherever it takes them."

- John F. Kennedy


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