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An-Magrith Erlandsen

BFA, Cornish College of the Arts
AA, Art Institute of Seattle

Producer, Designer, Videographer, Painter.
Master of the Tarot.
Creator of Tarot of the Pomegranate.

Graphic Design
Posters & Logos


Kindle edition

Published edition
Tarot of the Pomegranate deck & book

Tarot of the Pomegranate original oil paintings & deck
have simply never experienced another Tarot that
is so capable of transcending ones spirit so easily to another plane.

Whether you are buying the cards and the book for self introspection and discovery or using them
to do Tarot readings these cards have the uncanny ability to provide you with the guidance you seek.
Even if you are not interested in Tarot in the least,I would still suggest that one
should buy the book and the deck just to experience the intricately
detailed amazingly rich textured artwork alone.
The artist is masterful in her abilities to create an alternate world
 in which you can easily lose yourself in meditation. You must see to believe!!
Thank you."

~ Nicole Pine 

 Tarot Readings by the Creaotor of Tarot of the Pomegranate

Music Video & Fine Art Video Portfolios & Stage Background.
Documentation. Editing. Green Screen.
Music & Performance Art Theaterical Productions.
Dark Fusion Theater in Seattle.





Music, Performance Art & Dance Theater Productions
Graphic Design, Video Installations, Music Video, Documentation

The Art Movement "Mahashefot"  

"Magi never ceases to amaze with her Dance,

her Art and her mad skills in Film Making!"

~Medea, RebelBelly Productions, Seattle.


"Prohibition Speakeasy" video made for the "Time Warp" show
@ Columbia City Theater, Seattle.


"The Tarot of the Pomegranate at once both traditional and
demanding - to illustrate the archetypal tarot forms
with vivid and somber colors, surreal landscapes, emotive portraits,
and symbols both classic and modern. A deck of deep passions and
whispered secrets, a deck for dreamers, visionaries and magicians, it occupies a
 world both fantastic and approachable. The cohesion of the images belies the
 many years spent on their creation. These are not only beautiful works of art,
they are practical cards that give profound readings.
A rare deck that is both collectible and useful, it rewards repeated study."

~ R. Leo Gillis 






is available @ local Seattle stores:

Spooked in Seattle
Gargoyles Statuary


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