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King of Swords
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  "King of Swords"
3.6 ft. x 2 ft., oil on canvas, 2015
An-Magrith Erlandsen

The King of Swords is the master of focused communication of truth and evidential reality.
This month calls for an active excersize and strengthening of one's communicative skills with the outer realms of physical perception.
It is imperative now for you to ascend to a higher spiritual level of reality, for only in this way will you be able to fulfill
your dreams of helping and assisting those in need. At the same time you will find guidance in alleviating your own existential suffering.
Through truth is wisdom, through understanding "wisdom" is one able to find the way towards freedom.
In this you will learn to tap the "Source" and by this you will be set free from the subjective circumstances you find yourself mired in.

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